2016 Exhibitor List

Company Products/Services
Aaladin Superior Cleaning Systems Aaladin pressure washers, parts washers, waste oil furnaces, total lubricants and oils and a full chemical line
Ag Growth International Distributors
Alltech Alltech technologies
American Resources/ROTECNA Feeders, Flooring, Waterers
Automated Production Hog Production Equipment and Electronic Sow Feeder
Avonlea Interior Products Door Sample. Laminate plywood Samples. Stainless Steel Door Hardware
Barkman Concrete Ltd. Concrete Hog Flooring and Pen Walls for Confinement Barns
Better Air Mfg. Ventilation Equipment, Heat Exchangers, Rebar Accessories
Bio Agri Mix LP Medicated feed additives to ensure the health and growth of production livestock.
Birchwood Ford Ford products with advantages
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. Ingelvac CircoFLEX; Ingelvac PRRS; Ingelvac 3FLEX; Enterisol Illeitis
Brockwhite Canada Acrylabs – Liquid applied corrosion inhibitor for metal buildings and Geosynthetic Solutions for the agriculture industry
BSI Insurance Brokers Ltd. Insurance Farm Life Succession Planning
Canadian Bio-Systems Power of 5 providing a natural way to profitability
Canadian Farm Realty Farm Real Estate
Carlo Genetics Inc. Live Boar Semen; A.I. Supplies
Central Agri Systems VALLI Poultry Equipment – JANSEN Poultry Equipment
Central Testing Laboratory Ltd. Agricultural testing in Feed, Forage, Water and Manure
Champion Alstoe Animal Health Gleptosil, Pig Kare, CL Sow
Clark Ag Systems Poultry and egg production equipment and expertise
Clearly InSight Mobotix Security Vision systems; surveillance products for security, safety and self monitoring. Made in Germany.
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Researcher
Crystal Spring Hog Equipment Wet/Dry Hog Feeders and other Hog Feeding and Production Solutions
Design Concrete A family-owned and -operated business manufacturing hog slats for over 30 years
DNA Genetics Swine Genetics
Dosatron International Inc Water line cleaning and medicating are a snap with Dosatron’s livestock medicators
Dupont-Danisco Animal Nutrition Enzyme and betaine products to improve livestock performance and efficiency for poultry and swine rations
Dura-Con Industries Hog Flooring
Easy Automation Feed mill equipment & automation
Elanco Animal Health Swine, Beef, Poultry and Dairy antibiotics, vaccines, enzymes and other animal health products
EnerSIP Corporation Structural Insulated Panel system shelf brackets
Envirotechag.com Confined livestock equipment, automation and bio-systems designs
Fast Genetics Swine Genetics
FBC – Farm Business Consultants Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, Audit Protection, Tax Consulting
Federated Coop Propane Supplier
First Choice Genetics Swine Genetics
Fortified Nutrition Limited Livestock Nutrition products & services
Friesen Nutrition An animal nutrition feed company. Earth-friendly bio security with cleaners and disinfectants.
Genesus Inc. Swine Genetics
h@ms Marketing Services A hog marketing service provider representing Western Canadian producers
Halchemix Canada Inc Poultry/Swine: Enzymes; Betaine; Amino Acids; Water Acidifiers.  Dairy: DCAD Balancer; Amino Acids; Water Acidifers
Hi-Pro Feeds Livestock display
Horizon Livestock and Poultry Supply Livestock and poultry equipment and supplies
Hotsy Central Hotsy Pressure Washers, Detergents and Accessories
Hypor Genetics Swine Genetics
IMV/EastGen Artificial Insemination Equipment and Farm Products
Innotech Nutrition Solutions Innotech Nutrition provides natural alternatives with specialty products for livestock and poultry
Innovative Heating Technologies Hog Hearth Heat Mats; IL-Tek LED Lights
Innovative Reproductive Technology LLC Post-cervical artificial insemination; FORMULA semen extenders; Microptic-SCA CASA system for semen evaluation; A.I. products
Innovative Vet Services Vetering Products; Eco-Friendly Products
Intervet Canada Corp / Merck Animal Health Circumvet PCV-M G2 and Porcilis Ileitis
Investors Group Estate and Succession Planning, Tax Planning, Investments, Insurance
ITSI Swine insemination supply products and services
Jefo Nutrition Species-specific feed additives
J. H. Hare & Associates Hyper-Egg antibody products
Jumpstart Animal Technology Inc. Toxin Binders Antibiotic Alternatives
Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. Ear and shoulder tattoo equipment and inks tied to traceability
KlarTech Inc. Ventilation Equipment and In-Barn Equipment
Kleins Geothermal New technology water treatment. Radiant heating. LED lighting. Geothermal. Water treatment new development.enpar technologies. Kleinmitizer supertherm radiant heating hose.
Lakeview Insurance Brokers Ltd. Insurance products
Landmark Feeds Nutrition innovations
Manitoba Agriculture The Department of Agriculture provides a broad ranges of Livestock Programs and Services.
Manitoba Beef Producers MBP is the exclusive voice of Manitoba’s cattle industry.
Manitoba Hydro Power Smart programs to assist with the installation of energy saving products and measures.
Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative Research and demonstration projects on Beneficial Management Practices that optimize manure management within Manitoba
Manitoba Pork -Barn building material; CQA; Traceability; Recipes; Promo materials
-CQA Info; Traceability Info; Ractopamine Free Certification Program; Code of Practice copy; Manitoba Pork promotional products; Recipes
Maple Leaf Foods Inc Processing, Meat Packing, Purchasing, Risk Management
MASC Lending and Insurance:  Building a strong rural Manitoba
Masterfeeds Masterfeeds will focus on the Blueprint® Program along with a variety of Masterfeeds’ livestock feed products and solutions.
Matrix Matrix Environmental Solutions
MOFA Global, Inc. Products & services for A.I./Assisted Reproduction
Natural Proteins Natural Proteins and Rocky Ponds Commodities; buying soybeans, feed grains and corn.
NetSet Communication Internet Services
New Rosedale Feedmill Offering complete feed and premixes for hogs, beef/dairy, and poultry. Also a complete line of minerals and lick tubs
New Standard Ag Inc Sow Group Housing Equipment and Design
Northland Heaters Commercial Hot Water Heaters for All Livestock or Commercial Buildings
Nutrition Partners Animal Nutrition
Ogena Solutions Provides solutions to help rid the animal world of dangerous pathogens using environmentally friendly disinfectants and cleaners.
OmniLyte Enviro Inc Envirolyte Electolyzed Water Anolyte Generators, with advanced disinfection, and non-toxic Water Purification Solutions
Once, Inc. Animal-Centric Lighting Systems for Layer, Broiler, Turkey and Swine Facilities
Osorno Enterprises Inc. Water treatment and disinfection technologies, water treatment and disinfection chemicals, specialty products for animal husbandry
P. Quintaine & Son Ltd Purchaser of Cull Sows, Boars and off-spec hogs
Penfor Construction Design-Build Solutions
Penner Farm Services Livestock and Poultry Equipment
PFP Sales & Service Inc. Karcher Equipment; Cat Pump Product; Electric Motors
Phason Phason Standalone Controls & AutoFlex Connect
PigEasy Hog Equipment; Lactation Feeder, Farrowing Crate, MealMeter ad lib feeder, Feed Tube Cleaner
PIC Delivering healthy genetic improvement to pig producers around the world.
Power Lift Hydraulic Doors Manitoba Power Lift Hydraulic Doors
Prairie Hog Country Your independent source for hog news and information
Prairie Liquid Feeds Various animal products and dust control products
Prairie Swine Centre Research results designed to benefit pork producers
Pyramid Steel Construction Ltd. PVC Wall System, Commercial/Ag Building Products and Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings
Ravi International Traders Importer of agricultural products e.g. crops, fertilizers, seeds
Redhand Ltd. Manure Application Equipment
Schippers Canada Ltd. Hycare concept, coating concept, Topfoam, Megades Novo, Drycare, Hoof care, Water treatments
SEC Repro inc Ultrasounds, heat lamps bulbs, Nonpenetrating captive bolt, Life Savior (anti crusher), A.I. products, Soaps,Disinfectants
Seed-Ex Inc Corn, Soybeans, Malt Barley, Green/Yellow Peas and High/Low protein wheat, Soymeal/Pellets, DDG’s and feed grains
Standard Nutrition/Impact Solutions Innovative feed programs, along with unique products, designed to improve poultry & livestock performance
Ste. Anne Co-op Petroleum
Steads Farm Supply Manure treatment, swine production feed additives
Steinbach Hatchery Leghorn Hatchery Genetics. Full line of poultry Feeds and Nutrition. Poultry Service Expertise.
Superior Agri-Systems Ltd. Grain Handling & Feed Processing Equipment
Swine Health Professionals Veterinarian Services & Training Programs
Swine Robotics Inc ‘BoarBot’ – Remote Controlled Electric Vehicle; ‘WashHand’ –  Self-propelled Stainless Power Washer; ‘BoarBroom’ – Powered Bi-directional Sweeper
Swinebooks Pro A complete Pork Productions Record-Keeping Software
Sycamore Energy o/a Solar Manitoba Solar Manitoba is an established developer of residential, commercial and agricultural solar photovoltaic projects.
Topigs Norsvin Canada Inc. Renowned for its innovative approach to implementing new technologies and a continuous focus on cost-efficient pig production
Traders Tec-Systems Controls Ltd Agricultural system automation equipment
Tristar Poultry Feeding & Watering Equipment
Unger Excavating Inc. Earth-moving construction of lagoons for farms and building site prep
United Livestock Systems Liquid Manure Storage Tanks. Slurrystore Systems
United Transportation Driver Training Class 1 & 3 Driver Training
University of Manitoba Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences research, education and knowledge transfer highlights, University of Manitoba
Valley Agro Services Ltd. Design and build grain & feed handling systems with drying equipment and temperature monitoring cables
Verus Animal Nutrition / Pro-Ag Products Providing animal nutrition clients with performance products supported with applied management and technical expertise
Vetoquinol N.-A. Inc. Serving veterinarians around the world for over 80 years, in over 25 countries
Washex Pressure wash equipment and accessories
Wilbur Ellis We market livestock feed ingredients / commodities throughout North America
Wizer Bldg. Building posters,brochures,scale model of our building.
Zoetis Animal Health Products