Committee Members

Cam Dahl, Manitoba Pork (Chair)
Miles Beaudin, Hypor
Jason Care, Manitoba Hog Grading
Patti Clement, Outstanding Branding
Jeff Eastman, Manitoba Agriculture
Carl Esau, Trouw Nutrition
Peter Frohlich, National Centre for Livestock and the Environment (NCLE), University of Manitoba
Robyn Harte, Manitoba Agriculture
David Hultin, Manitoba Beef Producers
John McDonald, BSI Insurance Brokers
Andrew Penner, New Standard Ag
Cory Rybuck, Manitoba Egg Farmers
Shane Saunders, Charison’s Turkey Hatchery
Murray Smith, Smith Poultry Consulting
Dennis Stevenson, Premier SHP
Marty Thenhaus, Vétoquinol

Dallas Ballance, GoodwinBallance Communications (Ex-Officio)